Principal's Corner

I grew up in the small Illinois town of Virden, which is very similar in size to Eureka. Following high school, I attended and graduated from Illinois State University majoring in elementary education. After student teaching in Peoria District #150, I spent a semester substitute teaching in that district and was hired the following fall to teach at Harrison Primary School in Peoria. During my first ten years of teaching in Peoria, at first, third and fourth grades, I also pursued my master's degree in Educational Administration. Following my tenure in Peoria District #150, I wanted to teach closer to Metamora, the community in which we live, so I applied and was blessed to be hired as a teacher in Eureka District #140. During my teaching tenure in this district I have taught both second and fourth grades. After several exciting years in the classroom, I was hired to be the principal of Davenport Grade School here in Eureka. After so many years "in the classroom" the most common question people ask me is, "do you miss teaching?" My answer, and though it may sound cliche is, "once a teacher, always a teacher". This elementary principal position allows me to be blessed with the opportunity to daily impact the lives of many more children and families and to work alongside a dedicated staff and a supportive community. I very much enjoy serving Davenport Grade School and the Eureka community.

"To love what you do and feel that it matters~what could be more fun?"

Katherine Graham, 1917-2001

Mrs. Ryan, DES Principal